Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual health is widely known as the ability of two people of opposite sex to relate with each other sexually where both enjoy the pleasure of lovemaking. But, with time it’s normal for a male to develop some kind of ailment that will make him shun sex—causing problem for his partner.

Erectile Dysfunction:

Men generally suffer from erectile dysfunction—a disease where men find it tough to sustain penis erection or hardness require for sex causing them embarrassment and huge setback. But, these days there are ample medications available to cure erectile dysfunction.

Some common factors that are responsible for erectile dysfunction are: when blood sugar or blood pressure is high, hormonal imbalances, medicinal side effects, excess smoking and drinking, nervousness about sex or some unpleasant experiences of the past play havoc in their sexual life.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction:

The treatment for erectile dysfunction depends on what is the root cause for it. Is it due to physical factors or due to psychological reasons? Depending upon the factor the medication is decided. Many drugs are available in the market for treating erectile dysfunction but one should desist from taking these drugs on their own. To be on the safer side its better to consult your doctor.

Premature ejaculation:

Premature ejaculation is another male disease that has affected millions of men across the globe. Premature ejaculation is a state when a man ejaculates too early and is not able to satisfy his partner. It has been found that premature ejaculation (PE) is most common among younger men, which generally improves with age As men grow with age they are able to control PE.

According to reports, at least 30 percent men at one point or other suffered from this disease. It is very tough to decide on the duration of sex that should be treated as a benchmark to study premature ejaculation. Duration of intercourse varies from person to person. Some may last 2 minutes and will be satisfied while some may last 20 minutes but still will not be happy.

According to a report presented at the Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine-2006, the average lasting time of men with PE was 1.8 minutes while those men normal ejaculation lasted for an average 7.3 minutes.

But, what made the researchers task tough in ascertaining the duration for PE were claims from men who said they had PE despite lasting for 25 minutes.

Treatment for premature ejaculation:

Again this disease could be due to physical or psychological reasons. So, first and foremost, a man should know what is the cause for his PE. Depending on that, he could take the medication. If it’s due to physical reasons then he can use Vigrx and many more drugs are available in the market.


While others are affected by dyspareunia. Men affected with this disease have pain in genitals before and after intercourse. It may be due to penile vascular problems or due to phimosis and could also be because of psychological reasons.

Treatment for Dyspareunia:

In some cases pains are there with out any reasons. Some people find that pain disperses within few minutes of indulging in sex. People even go for pain killers to do way with pain.

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